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A higher barley harvest was predicted for 2013 - 2014

According to the USDA data, global barley harvest 2013–2014 could reach 140,1 m tons, i.e. by 8,3 % more than in a previous season. The EU barley harvest 2013–2014 could reach 57,1 m tons, i.e. by 4,7 more than in a previous season; one in Russia – 17,5 m tons (+25,4%), Canada – 8,5 m tons (+6,1%), Australia – 7,4 m tons (+9,5%). According to the USDA data, global barley consumption 2013–2014 could increase by 4,3% (to137,9 m tons), compared to the previous season. Global barley stockpiles of the end 2013–2014 should amount for 21,9 m tons – 11,0% more than in a previous year, however, it will be lower number, compared to previous seasons.


Source: publication "Agro Rinka", ŽŪIKVC

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