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Information on average milk procurement prices in August 2013

An average milk procurement price in August 2013 (3.95 per cent fatness and 3.320 per cent albuminousness) amounted for 1 050, i.e. by 4 per cent (from 1 010 Lt/t to 1 050 Lt/t) higher, than in July. Average basic indexes milk procurement price of increased by 3.2 per cent, compared to July.
In August, 2013, an average natural milk purchase price increased by even 36 per cent ( from 771 Lt/t to 1 050 Lt/t), compared to the correspondent period of the previous year.
In August, 2013 natural milk purchase figure showed 141.7 thousand tons, i.e. by 2.8 per cent less than in the correspondent period of the previous year (145.8 thousand tons).
In January-August natural milk purchase figure showed 884 thousand tons, i.e. by 2.9 per cent less than in the correspondent period of the previous year (911 thousand tons).
In five months of 2013-2014 quota year milk processing quota was implemented by 34.96 per cent (compared to 36.56 per cent in quota a year ago).


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